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Finally arrived.

The diaper of the slave is already really well filled. Because on the way he has drunk 2 liters of water as ordered.

So that the slave does not hurt himself, he still gets a head protection put on. It's funny, but I find the head protection just horny.


And now on your knees. Spoil your master.


Is it a punishment or a reward?

I think he likes it! Let's see when he starts to whine.

He has to grit his teeth now. Should I pull on the clamps?

I have to pull on it, of course!

And yes, there he already starts to moan quite nicely.



As a reward, he is allowed to sniff his master's boxing gloves after this ordeal. He likes that very much.


So, sit down! Does he know what's coming up now?

Now first comes down the admittedly very horny rubber mask. Then the full diaper of the master on the slave's head.


then also fixed nicely with Segufix.

Thus, the sow is fully at the mercy of the master.


now still a nice enema. And then closed the hole with a dildo. Let's see how long he manages to stay clean.

if this is not too much?

Nipple clamps, BreathPlay and the massager on his cock and the dildo in his ass.

Probably not. He found it horny and has cum into the full diaper.


I think the clamps were probably a little too long on his nipples. The marks are easy to see.

Do you like this kind of Session?

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